Dawn Brazil
​​Young Adult Author


YA High Fantasy Standalone novel - unpublished

Seventeen-year-old Samantha Porter has mastered the art of manipulation, but she only practices the skill on herself.

Sam wakes three months after a car accident, throttled with grief and unanswered questions. Since the universe has a habit of crapping over her desires, answers are doubtful. The one person able to wrench her from the throes of depression lost his life in the accident: her boyfriend Ryan. 

Sedated, she wakes in an eccentric city known as V.O.L.T. In V.O.L.T., the heartbroken are reunited with their lost things – people or objects. Sam knows she’s more likely to be tied in a sailor’s knot by a band of queer pirates than find Ryan in a place like V.O.L.T. 

When nothing remains, however, she accepts scraps. V.O.L.T. is Sam’s scraps. Except, Ryan isn’t where he’s supposed to be.

And the universe strikes again.

Eighteen-year-old Joe is an egotistical, whiny, momma’s boy with a knack for verbally eviscerating those around him. That’s Sam’s evaluation of him when she meets him in V.O.L.T. He lost his mother several months ago and comes to V.O.L.T. often. His mother insists he become Sam’s official guide to find Ryan.

Fifteen-year-old Ferris has a borderline personality disorder. Several years ago, he lost his mother also. He’s been in V.O.L.T. the longest and appears to be a great addition to aid them in finding Ryan. Or stop Sam and Joe from gutting each other. He just needs to remember who he is – which appears impossible.

Finding Ryan is Sam’s last effort to reconnect to a life teetering by a string with an anvil attached. She must decide between the living and the dead. If she were keeping a tally, she’d be closer to a corpse than a teenager.

And her traveling companions aren’t too far behind her.